Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Landing page, landing page, where can you be?

Finally broke down and hired a company to help me build these landing pages for Reunion and it's taken over three months. The guy finally said he was just a volunteer and couldn't understand how to do it. At least he leveled with me. Either way, I'm out $35 dollars a month for three months and still don't have a landing page for Reunion.

The dog I got from Wasco is turning out to be a long timer. The people who pledged $150 for him and swore he was perfect with all dogs have been strangely silent. Oh, well. It's very sad now all the ones I cannot help and must hit delete over and over. I am very sad about that. I wouldn't have taken on another lifer who must be rehabbed and detoxed for a long time when I could have helped so many others. From now on, I'm going back to pulling directly from the shelter on my own hunch. Dang these 'gotta save this one, gotta save that one' then disappear out of the picture entirely once the dogs are sprung. And only $50 of the pledge came forth as well. Hmmmm.

One happy thing happened today. I offer all this advice and never a thank you. An ex-friend recently adopted a golden. He came with severe mange type symptoms derivative of rabies vaccinosis. I spent literally hours on the phone explaining how to feed a raw diet...relatively simple, but turned into a HUGE event. I gave them Waiora, the expensive product I use to detox from rabies vaccinosis. Not even a thank you.

I asked her to please write up a short explanation with before and after photos to post on the website. This way, we can help others transition and cure from these nasty vaccines. The reply was they didn't have a photo. Imagine. In this day and age of camera phones, no photo of your dog. How did you adopt him in the first place? Sight unseen? What rescue doesn't have a photo of their dog? A Petfinder or Adopt a Pet account?

Finally, I get a note from her husband who has written up the story on the golden rescue website. Excitedly, I upload the piece. It is the longest drone about the dog and the horrible condition he was received in. Horrible rabies vaccinosis and how this wunderkind new owner began to research. He discovered the raw feeding and how this dog now has beautiful fur and is so wonderful. To be fair, he mentioned 'a friend who operates another breed rescue'. We all know what breed that is, a breed of dog so awful they cannot be named in the holier than thou golden rescue site. Please. What're those old pit bulls gonna the text like pacman? This guy'd never even heard of rabies vaccinosis and now he's discovered the cure. Give me a big break.

My circle is shrinking. I do not have time for people like this in my life and you know what? I don't want them around my dogs either. So there.

Beautiful Hazel 
Another good thing and then I'm going to bed. I got a ride for Miss Hazel! Yay. She is going to be flown to Livermore on Saturday and will then be carried in style to Bundock's Kennels. A very sweet volunteer is offering her companionship and her dear friend will drive. These two ladies are donating their time, their car and their love of animals to make sure Hazel is driven safely and carefully to the kennel where she will be boarding until we find her a suitable foster home or forever home.

Bless you, Michele and thank you for giving me a ray of hope. I can go to sleep tonight knowing there is definitely more good than bad in this old sad world.

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