Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fill your hands, you son of a bitch

Today was one of those epiphany days. I'm dealing with Peninsula Humane society who wants to kill another good dog. She's mouthy, but that's so dang fixable. Earn your keep, behaviorist...quit killing dogs that are fixable.

I'm dealing with a transport from hell and people who think their rescue work is harder than mine. Lest they forget, I will be with this dog for the rest of his natural life. While they're all home asleep in their beds, I'll have my computer on catnap and my phone juiced for the rest of Guido's life. When he goes into foster to adopt, it will be the beginning of his new life. He will, as do all Reunion Rescue dogs, be detoxed to remove all those harmful nasty metals and toxins from recent vaccines. He'll be on a raw diet and go to training. He'll be loved and taught crate and Kong training. His new foster to adopters will join the Reunion Rescue playgroup and when the foster period is over and they're ready to adopt, we will all sign a lifetime contract. If for any reason Guido is given up, he will be offered to Reunion Rescue.

That is how all Reunion dogs are cared for and insured for their lifetime.

I have learned that I must tighten my circle today. I've been getting nasty emails from one of the crew who first notified me about Darla. I have had to bounce these emails. Just too dang nasty and counter-productive. For now, I'll think about Benny and being positive.

I'll think about Guido on his way to Bundock's Kennels where he will begin his new wonderful life while waiting for his new forever home. I'll think about positive things...but, should anybody try and get in the way of where I'm going...

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