Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Squirt is home! Yes!

Squirt is home
The last four days, I've papered the entire Riverside area with posters looking for Squirt. Squirt is Doug's beagle who got out thanks to Raspberry. Back pedaling a little, I did the walking, but Patti and Marti did the AC work.

Thanks to Benny and Squirt, Patti was leading me around with help from Marti in trying to find Squirt. I went to so many waterholes..literally..not the bars, looking for Squirt.

I must admit, I was scared. And so was Doug. He quit eating and I could tell how upset he was. There is nothing more sad than not being able to put your finger on your companion animal, not knowing. It's the worst.

Saturday, Doug called and I went over to try and help find Squirt. I had the brainstorm to bring Buddy, Doug's big red boy. I had it in my head that Buddy was a seer and would know right where to lead us. He mainly just sniffed. What a letdown. I later found out that Squirt at that very moment was in a community not 50 yards from where we were searching. Thank you very much, Buddy.

All day Sunday, put up posters and nothing. Then Monday, I made little fliers and posted them on every apartment door in the community adjacent to the neighborhood where Squirt had been sighted a few times.

Today, we thought two other dogs got out, Dharma and Vito, but I'm changing their names to Dharma and Greg. I always call Rebel 'Greg', but now, Vito is officially 'Greg'. After putting my search for Squirt on hold, I centered my thoughts on Vito, now 'Greg' and Dharma. They were sighted next to Doug's in the woods and also a homeless encampment.

I was really really tired, but kept calling Patti and Marti who continued to direct my feet. Finally, around 5, Doug called, ecstatic. Squirt, or at least a Beagle, had been found. A girl had him across the street. The amazing thing is Patti had been in communication with Squirt (and Harley, the other Beagle) who told Patti that Doug might have to give Squirt to the person who had him. I knew that wasn't going to happen and told Patti to let Squirt know he needed to come on home.

Long story short, it was indeed Squirt. Doug brought him home, but sadly, we had to drive past Dharma and Greg's mom. She was very distraught.

Buddy Johnson, Pet Detective
Least I could do once Squirt was situated and I'd petted and loved on Benny was hit the trail again. I called both Patti and Marti to get pointed in the right direction. Once Squirt was safely in the enclave, Buddy came over to me as if to say, "I pulled this all together. You can thank me."

And yes, during all this, I found a stray pit bull! As luck would have it. I was able to locate her owners who will now be feeding raw and crating her. As I'm pounding the pavement, I get another call from Doug. Dharma and Greg are at home!

When their mom had given up and driven all the way home, there they were sitting in the house. A huge lesson for all of us...we'd all hit the panic button when Raspberry got out again today. Dharma and Greg hadn't even left the house today. In the frenzy of thinking they were missing, all concerned parties actually forgot the dogs never even came to Doug's today.

Looking back on the past few days and today, especially, I am tickled at the expressions on their faces. They must think we humans need a lot of help. And, they're right.

Business as usual

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