Monday, February 14, 2011

Looking for Squirt

Nothing is sadder than a lost pet. I've been trying to help find Squirt for a few days. I'm trying to keep my head open and uncluttered, but with me, that's not easy. Benny and Patti are helping to direct me.

Tomorrow is the day Squirt is supposed to be found. Lord, please! He is so precious and cute. A typical Beagle. He reminds me of Jack who I used to walk and who was killed at Lover's Lane Vet Hospital in Dallas, the same place that killed my chow, Fu Manchu when I took him to have his teeth cleaned.

Jack was a Beagle I used to walk in San Francsico, but his owners moved back to Dallas. I should have warned them to stay away from Lover's Lane!

This is exactly the kind of thinking that Benny is trying to help me curb. When I'm full of negativity, I can't help. It's so hard to let go of the negative thinking, but one has to keep one's eyes on the prize. In this case, the prize is Squirt and a little AC with Ben.

I got to see Benny today. His eyes are very mucousy and that is so great! I love to see all that toxicity getting out of his system. When Rebel was detoxing all those rabies shots I used to give him, his nose would completely close up and I literally had to clean his nose twice a day. That was real good news!

I'm really tired tonight, but wanted to write a little bit. I wanted to pay tribute to my animal friends. Buddy, my grey 20 year old cat came to visit with me while I took a nice hot bath. He just sat on the edge of the tub. He never does that, so tonight was really special. I don't think Buddy is going anywhere soon. He is named after my grandfather who I started calling Buddy when I was a very little girl. It changed his name for the rest of my grandfather's life.

I walked around the house a bit with Rebel. He is getting kinda senile, but in a cute way. He's my dear friend and came to me as a puppy from the east side of Dallas the day after Fu was killed. He's also a chow, now 16 years old.

Goodnight, Benny, Squirt, Rebel and Buddy. I hear Squirt's leg is sore. I'm bringing some Rhus Tox and Arnica. I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

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