Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Today was a perfect day.

Squirt is home. Doug sent a beautiful photograph of Benny and Squirt napping after lunch. If that isn't a perfect day, I sure don't know what is.

I got caught up, sort of, on my housework which I'd neglected the past couple of days. I spent this morning feeding the birds. I made them a great mash of chopped fresh kale and rainbow chard, apples and grapes, some Harrison's mashed pellets and Herbs for Birds so they get a taste of what they're supposed to be eating in the wild. I added a bunch of other chopped veggies, pumpkin and organic sunflower seeds, almonds and home grown organic sprouts of about 10 different legumes and grains. Yum. I even ate some.

They have cantaloupes for $1.00 apiece. That's mine and Del's time, yessirree, Bob. We love our melons, me and Del. We can usually split one for breakfast.

I got the kitties fed. The kittens are are 8 and a half months old and chubby! They are the picture of health as any animal would be without toxic horrible vaccinations. They've never had so much as one kibble or processed food of any kind. They went straight from their mother's milk to raw meat.

I'm still wrestling with Martha's eye condition. She came to me with that from the Petsmart. She and poor Tex with the hotspots are about to drive me crazy. Now, I'm only feeding those two emu, but that doesn't seem to be solving anything. Tex's hotspots are just downright nasty. Once, a few years ago, I broke down and took him to the conventional vet. They crap they gave me to bathe him in ate the skin off my arms!

Today, though, is a day for rejoicing and resting. There will be bad days ahead. That's just life. But, today was one of those good perfect days. Everything was in its place and I was at peace with the universe. Yo.

Squirt and Benny

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