Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's always a good day when Benny's in the picture

Yesterday, I was Ms. Scatterbrains. I showed up at the Costco to pick up the co-op order for the dogs one day early. O-boy. I had myself a little bit more together today and showed up again at least on time.

The good part was being able to visit with Benny and all the other dogs at Doug's house.

This week has been extra hard for rescues. It seems as if every one of the rescues are so full. It's hard to stay focused and positive when you just see the sweet faces of dogs and cats about to die throughout each day.

I'm trying to think of good thoughts, but am thinking of all the time wasted this week..and last week. There was a dog I became involved with, a very precious dog, who'd had an emergency plea put out that she was going to die. I couldn't let that happen and so I called the shelter and put my name on the dog.

What happened next would have made a Peter Sellers movie. What seemed like about a hundred rescues got involved, so I backed out. Last I checked, there was no shortage on pit bulls.

I kept getting emails that this dog was still at the shelter. This went on for over two weeks. I kept saying I'd take her as I had a family in San Francisco whom she'd be perfect for. I had groomed them to feed raw, treat homeopathically and follow the Reunion Rescue program which insures a happy long life for the dog and her people.

Finally, night before last, I get a phone call interviewing me and asking for my credentials. I find myself applying to adopt this dog! I wind up involved in another phone call which lasted forever with stats from Los Angeles and digs at my fellow rescuers whom I've known for years and who were pulling dogs when some of these people were still at rush week in college.

Finally, last night, we were all told to 'back off' and the dog would be going to a rescue which has placed 1200 dogs in five years. That's 240 dogs a year unless my math's off. That's a lot of dogs to place.

You have to be shipping these guys to place that many. And what about tracking after the adoptions? Just plain scary. What was scarier came next. The people who'd created this frenzy demand $1,000 in donations for this dog to be accepted at this rescue facility. $1,000!!! That is incredible. It leaves me speechless.

Well, I'm backing off. Sad thing is, I have a longtime adopter whose family member wants a Reunion dog. This girl would have been perfect. She would have gone to a raw feeding home, been treated homeopathically...gone the distance. I can only hope that she winds up someplace very nice.

She is a very sweet girl and deserves every bit of the attention she derived from all of the rescue groups who have championed her. Even at the expense of God knows how many other dogs could have been saved while emails were sent back and forth over her for the past 2 plus weeks. I hope they are in nice places, too.

I know Benny is in a nice place. Now that my rant is over, I can go back to zenning with Benny. Om.

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