Saturday, February 12, 2011

Benny today

Today was a sad day..looking for a friend's missing dog. I know how that feels. Luckily, I've been able to find Arky, my old cockatiel, the two times he flew the coop thanks to Marti Miller. Don't be giving out her name, tho, as she hates to be called for lost pets. Especially when there is a sad ending.

However, I think Benny can help us on this one. I think Benny has an extra sensory perception. I don't think it's an accident that all of us are feeling so close to Benny and so many of us human animals are opening up our lives and innermost thoughts to Benny.

Today, Benny crawled up on my lap and cuddled in the sun. I can't say when I've had a more perfect and contented feeling. He is an incredible being.

Benny and me
After Benny got down, it seemed like every one of the dogs wanted a turn. All of them kept trying to crawl into my lap. I feel sorry for people who don't get this kind of attention. I felt like I was queen of the dog prom.

Benny's skin is getting better and like Doug said, he's getting little golden hairs and fuzz where before was only bloody open sores. I have a lot of hope for him.

Today, Benny just played and romped. It was so cute. He kept jumping up on Sampson, this shepherdy/rottie/retriever boy. Sampson was almost given up when his mom's boyfriend moved in, but looks like the boyfriend's out and Sampson's in, last check. That's always the best choice, ditch the dude and keep the pooch. Hands down.

Benny just kept after Sampson and looked like he was trying to catch a ride or almost like he was trying to surf Sampson. It was really cute, but finally, Sampson had enough. Then Benny went and got a big drink of water with all the other dogs.

A good day is a day lolling in the sunshine at Doug's with all of the dogs.

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