Friday, April 15, 2016

Pit Bull Nation

New Pit Bull Nation review...oh, yeah, by that called conflict of interests? I don't think so if your heart's in the right place.

Pit Bull Nation is a new book by Cindy Marabito. Although pit bull is in the title, the book is not just about pit bulls, but a tell-all account of what goes on behind the scenes in some shelters.
Marabito begins the book with a Marley and Me story about a chow chow she found on the east side of Dallas, Texas. That’s where the similarity to a fuzzy warm story ends and the honest searing trip down a dark path begins.
Marabito takes the reader on an unforgettable ride behind the walls of so-called no-kill shelters run by modern day Hitler types and the end of the line for the nation’s unwanted dogs and cats. She shares her experiences with unscrupulous veterinary hospitals bordering on malpractice.
Pit Bull Nation does not always prevail on the dark side. For each pull at the heartstrings, there is a tale of redemption and miracle. It’s no accident that Marabito rescues pit bulls and also not a coincidence her rescue is called Reunion Rescue.
This book shares her knowledge of diet and nutrition, homeopathy and holistic cures for almost every single disease or behavior a pet owner and most rescues encounter. Marabito shares her path of healing and how she learned it's secrets from pit bulls and a Siamese cat.
This book is a must read for any animal lover, but especially for the rescue worker who would like to find out how to feed dogs and cats for twenty five cents a day and treat any malady and most aggression with items from their local Whole Foods Market.
Pit Bull Nation is an honest look at the overwhelming epidemic facing the United States today. With every shelter filled with pit bulls and more waiting to enter them, Marabito shares a solution to the problem in her own voice, her own way.
Pit Bull Nation is available in e-book format or in trade paperback through the website

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