Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Business of Rescue

From my perspective, you have a slick ad campaign and lots of resources, or a houseful of dogs and more in your computer who are desperate at a chance at life. Instead of opting for the nice website and marketing strategy, I kept saving dogs. Ok, call me a hoarder, but at least I'm a high class hoarder.

I wrote Pit Bull Nation about my experiences rescuing pit bulls. I shared how I did it on a shoestring, literally and how to treat homeopathically and through diet. I share how we've successfully dealt with mange, cancer, rabies vaccinosis, aggression, and on and on and on. Every penny is directed to Reunion Rescue to try and save more dogs.

Instead of selling books, doing radio interviews and figuring out how to buy copies to send to reviewers...the only way to get your book reviewed...I'm still saving dogs. I can't seem to just say no, that one doesn't deserve to live.

My day, and yeah, I'm venting, is spent answering emails, phone calls, questions and pleas about dogs in need, personal pets with cancer, evil shelter directors who kill seemingly for the fun of it. I am pretty much done in today. I'm certainly sympathetic to those people and their beloved pets who are so sick, but there is so much great information on the internet to help. I know I certainly make use of Mr. Google.

This is one of those sad days when I just don't have enough to give back. I feel very sad and empty. I have been writing checks to cover the dogs in foster care, the ones in boarding, ordering homeopathy and supplements to send to them and even to the private dog owners. Not one person offered to help Reunion Rescue. I guess that makes me a little sad.

Mr. Sweets and Benny need donations and little Suzie Wong is in a boarding kennel. She didn't even get a chance to go into foster care for her homeopathy. I have Pearlie Girl in boarding at $100 a week with no sign of her ever being ready for adoption. Glory is in boarding here and Pip is with me. Thank goodness I decided to keep the kittens. They are the joy of my life. They rescued me. I think I'll go pet a kitty.

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