Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just another dead pit bull.....

This one didn't even get to have a name. Just A#145385. The difference between this dog and all the other dead pit bulls is this girl has national attention. The Garland, Texas high kill animal pound has a bad reputation. They just shut down their gas chamber after nationwide pressure. I have a letter from District 7 Rick Williams actually trying to convince me gassing is humane. Where is he from, Poland? Today, Garland is acting like Poland where six million humans were gassed to death. People knew what was happening and nobody said anything.

Well, Garland, Texas, I'm saying something. I'm saying shame on you and your excuse at what you call an animal shelter. You robbed this girl of a life today. You robbed the rescue community and animal lovers of their time which could have been spent saving other animals. You robbed everyone when you killed this girl, but most of all, you robbed the city of Garland.

You do not own the animals. They belong to the city of Garland the taxpayers that pay your salary. We are going to remind those taxpayers that your are robbing them blind. We are going to remind them every day until we see justice for A#145385.

Shame on Garland, Texas. Texas is a big place, but tonight, I can't get far enough away from the stench of that hole you call your animal services.

I will quote the brilliant words of Neil Young tonight. He wrote this song about scumbags like the ones that run Garland Animal Services.

What if you knew her
And found her dead on the ground
How can you run when you know?

I won't run. I did not know this girl, but I tried to save her. I am still waiting on a reply from the director who ordered the slaughter, her rescue coordinator, Luis Martinez and a reply to the official computer record in which they are required by LAW to respond.

A nationwide petition is being circulated which demands the immediate dismissal of Oats.

An innocent dog died today at Garland Animal Services. Director Diane Oats ignored the pleas of several rescue organizations and killed the dog just because she could. There has been a history of unfortunately experiences between this facilty and the rescue community who works to save Garland animals.

January 4, a private rescuer was attempting to exit the momma dog and her newborn puppies from Garland ACC. As with reports about this shelter which only recently was forced to shut down their inhumane gas chamber, the incident was fraught with anxiety and mistake. The woman was in a hurry and reached to pick up the sore dog as she was being hastened out the door. This dog, who'd passed all temperament tests with flying colors, bit the woman in surprise.

The woman issued a written document stating the mishap was her own fault, that this dog who never even had a name or a chance at life was not at fault. 

Pleas came in from the local community and from around the United States to save the dog. Diane Oaks was left multiple phone messages and emails sent unanswered to her government email address. Reunion Rescue, Buddy's Rescue and Rehab as well as several others stepped forward with formal requests to take the dog into their program. Notes in the dog's official computer file, messages and requests to issue legal documents to pull the dog and messages left at the front desk were all ignored by Oats and her staff.

Like so many of the shelters today, Garland is operating as if the dogs belong to them. They are killing, because they can. Today, they led this girl down the hall to her death as she wagged her tail and looked up at the staffer with a smile. This was not an aggressive dog and she did not deserve to die.

Two crimes were committed. A life was stolen, not only from this beautiful creature, but from the many people who fought around the clock to save her. 

A worldwide petition is being circulated to demand the immediate dismissal of Oats.

ID# A145385
Contact city officials as shown below:
Mayor: Ronald Jones (mayor@ci.garland.tx.us); cc to his assistant Beth Dattomo (edattomo@ci.garland.tx.us); phone +1-972-205-2471
District 1: Douglas Athas (dathas@ci.garland.tx.us)
District 2: Laura Perkins Cox (lcox@ci.garland.tx.us)
District 3: Preston Edwards (pedwards@ci.garland.tx.us)
District 4 (Mayor Pro Tem): Larry Jeffus (ljeffus@ci.garland.tx.us)
District 5: John Willis (jwillis@ci.garland.tx.us)
District 6: Barbara Chick (bchick@ci.garland.tx.us)
District 7: Rick Williams (rwilliam@ci.garland.tx.us)
District 8: Darren Lathen (dlathen@ci.garland.tx.us
City Manager: Bill Dollar (admin@ci.garland.tx.us); phone +1-972-205-2465

Facebook page has been set up for this girl who never had a chance or a name. 
petition has been prepared for signatures so that hopefully, other dogs will not suffer the unkind fate met by this girl whose biggest crime was to wind up in Garland Animal Services.

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  1. And now the puppies are without a mother. Yes, we are okay substitutes but not the real thing.