Sunday, January 23, 2011

John Wayne wannabe out to kill pit bulls

Ex-judge Cynthia Kent has decided to grab her black robe and step back into the ring. This time, she’s going after pit bulls. Kent’s decision making involves the guidance of her hero, John Wayne, whose portrait hung in her courtroom.

By-products of breed specific legislation
Kent retired from the bench in 2008 to join her husband’s law firm. The quiet life has proved too uneventful for her and unlike the dogs she hates who’ve retired from fighting, this gal seems to miss the frenzy.

A horrible mauling occurred involving Justin Clinton in June 2009. Rather than look for real solutions to prevent dog attacks, Kent saw this death as an opportunity to put herself in the limelight. She is working with the Clinton family to draft legislation which would make pit bull ownership in the state of Texas a federal crime. Owning the first American native dog breed would land a normally lawful citizen in jail.

Pit bulls have always attracted a negative element and their most recent opponent, Kent, is as formidable as Michal Vicks on a Saturday night at the dogfights. People like Kent who spew opinions disquised as fact are even more deadly and especially formidable when carrying a law degree even if that sheepskin came from South Texas College of Law.

The question is where Kent gets her statistics and her dog behavior experience? This woman might know law, but fact remains, she does not know dogs. Anyone who pushes such extreme hate-filled legislation like making pit bull ownership a felony is ignorant of both scientia caninus and breed specific legislation that has never worked and never will.

The real danger facing the country is not pit bulls, but legislators who are looking for fame in all the wrong places. This means you, Cynthia Kent. The criminal horror of dog mauling is unforgivable to which all pit bull lovers will agree, but the solution is not banning an entire breed. The answer will only be found in education and training.

If Cynthia Kent has her way, all of her state and our state’s beloved pets will be confiscated and destroyed. She’ll have her career and her old John Wayne movies, but thousands and thousands of innocent dogs will be slaughtered. How can fear based mass destruction be considered a sane fix?

When considering the amount of research and thought behind Kent's drastic measure, the pit bulls and their owners might stand a better chance in John Wayne's wild west when law came from the barrel of a gun.

An open Facebook group, Stop Justin's Law, has been formed by dog lovers who seek a rational solution to insane legislation.

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  1. Working on the principle "Better to be looked over than overlooked" This Kent woman is obviously trying to break into politics.One only has to look at the success of a Genocidal Maniac,Mayor Hinklehooper of Denver has had.He has aspired to the Governorship of Colorada.This has been achieved by Murdering 1000's of Family -Pets and now defying the Federal Government.