Monday, April 28, 2014

Peninsula Humane Society tries to murder two family pets

This hardworking teenager is the latest citizen to suffer Denver-style murder tactics by the Peninsula Humane Society in San Mateo, California. I've written multiple articles and stories about this high-kill facility which operates as the 'dog pound' for San Mateo County.

When a couple of local animal rescues saw the following post, they jumped into high gear to keep the high kill facility from killing two more family pets.

"OMG MEGA URGENT!!!! Please can someone help or this whole village step in and help as much as possible to save this baby's life TODAY???? 4-24-14 at 4pm any later than that they will put her to sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The young man was scared to death having been threatened by Peninsula Humane that his dogs were to be killed. He was so frightened, he posted the dogs on Craigslist as free in order to save their lives:

"Craigslist Post:

FREE DOBERMAN (san mateo) CA

my Doberman/pitbull has been captured by the aspca when she got away one night when I was on a trip unfortunetly they capture my 9 yr old boxer too (I love her to death)

I could only pay the fee for my boxer to get out witch is $90 (im paying for)
but my biggest concern is that since they have been there for a while tthey want to charge me $150 just for my Doberman and if we don't nothing about it my 4-24-14 by 4:00 they will put her to sleep

I cant afford to take both of them out so im posting this asking anyone out there if you want the Doberman for the impound fee of $150

but the final day would be at 4-24-14 at 4pm any later than that they will put her to sleep
the Doberman is less than a year old she doesn't like cats but she is very sweet to kids, and other dogs please reply as soon as possible"

Literally working with only seconds to spare, the young man, a Brazilian teenager, had gone to the 'shelter' to say his goodbyes when local boxer rescuers saw his Craigslist post and kindly offered to pay the exorbitant fees to keep Peninsula Humane from killing these two family pets.

This young man was so grateful, he is working off the fees in his spare time as a local waiter. Wouldn't it be nice if all Americans with 9,000 dogs dying in shelters daily worked so hard to save our own pets?

And how about the director of the high kill Peninsula Humane Society pulling down a half million a year and living high on the hog in million dollar Burlingame digs? Wouldn't it be nice if some of those dollars could be spent trying to save a couple of lives for a change?

This story is heartwrenching and those who helped this young man had tears running down their faces to see someone who loves his pets so dearly and willing to do anything in his power to save them.

On a side note, a couple was overheard at a local market in San Mateo County recently discussing Peninsula Humane stormtrooping into their home and illegally seizing their two pet pit bulls for no reason. To redeem their pets, the couple had to pay $1500 dollars. What is going on in the Peninsula? Has Kory Nelson, the gestapo from Denver and responsible for over 4000 pet deaths moved in?

Thankfully, this young man's pets were spared if only in the nick of time. What about the others whose owners don't have the necessary funds to save when PHS slams the doors on their dogs?


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