Saturday, November 2, 2013

FIre! Fire! Fire! Save Mia and Ralphy today or they will die!

Mia and Ralphy were the victims of a heroin addict home and are now about to be killed. Our good friend is begging for their lives:

 "They have apparently been trying to place them for months, but I just found out about them about 2 weeks ago. They were taken out of a situation where both "owners" were heroin addicts. The woman overdosed, the guy robbed someone & is in jail."

"A woman found a boarding facility to take them in (in Virginia) when it was still warm out, but now it is cold and they only have room for them outside."

"They are fading fast because they are seniors. The Last Resort Rescue in Hewitt, NJ is willing to do the paperwork and Jeff Coltenback has offered training and food donation for them."

"Mia (the Pittie mix) is dog aggressive, except for when she is with Ralphy, but they are cat friendly, so ideally, a home with just cats or no other animals would be great --- or somewhere where the dogs can be kept inside and separated from other dogs."

"They are out of time this wknd & I am desperate to help them. In just 2 wks, they have rec'd almost 400 shares on Pittie Full Events Plus.

ANYONE who can help, can message me at I can even arrange transport. They obviously can also be kept in Virginia where they currently are.

Here is a link to them:

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