Monday, April 11, 2016

Senior pit bulls walk for homeless dogs in San Francisco

This September, senior dogs from all over the bay area will be strutting to raise awareness for homeless pets. Reunion Rescue has been saving San Francisco bay area pit bulls from death row for over 15 years.

Not all of the wonderful dogs we've saved are still with us, but we will be remembering them in a special Hope Memorial walk. Hope passed away several months ago and her mom, Pam, has created a memorial walk for her. Anyone who's loved and lost a pet can join us in this walk. We will be writing the names of those who've passed on our commemorative tee shirts.

September 21 at Treasure Island will certainly be a splendid day. When all the media seems to only

want to cover bad pit bull stories, Reunion Rescue's senior and other canine good citizens will be showing the world what wonderful dogs pit bulls are.

Along the way, Reunion Rescue created Animals First Rescue for the dogs like Teddy, a blind and deaf cocker spaniel who was going to be killed at San Francisco Animal Control and Alibaba, a registered Siamese cat whose owner passed away from HIV complications and the program whose mission to take care of HIV related issues, left him to die at SFACC.

Sasha, Percy and Russell
We'll be joined by Buddy, Griffie, Lola, Lexi, Allie and many others. We are waiting to hear from Kirbee, a beautiful senior Golden Retriever who was saved in the nick of time from being put to sleep. Hopefully, one of our oldest and dearest, Mia will join us with her mom, Emily. Fingers crossed.

Chino was running down Dolores and had to be darted when impounded. The minute his stray period was up, he was condemned to die. Reunion pulled Chino and he has never once left the side of his best friend, David.

Not all of the Reunion Rescue dogs are senior citizens, but won't it be a wonderful sight to watch these dogs in their golden years advocating for so many who probably won't live through their first year.

Sasha, Russell and Percy are resting up for the big walk.

Reunion Rescue needs strutters and you don't have to have a senior pet or even a pit bull to strut with us this year. You don't even have to attend. You and your pet can create a virtual strut page and help us save that next life.

Please visit our Strut Your Mutt page and consider helping Reunion Rescue save lives. We need you to let them know....somebody loves them.

We will have some newbies walking with us like Buster Posey who was just pulled from Solano ACC. Reunion Rescue has long been a bay area refuge for unwanted pit bulls and others. Please join us this year to help homeless pets everywhere and to save that next Reunion Rescue dog.

Reunion Rescue Strut Your Mutt San Francisco:

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