Monday, November 12, 2012

Vet's Toxic Email to Girl

We have a local vet around the corner who doesn't plain get it. This morning, I got an email from the office reminding me to bring Girl in for the following:

According to our records Girl is now due for a wellness exam. 

We show Girl is due for the following treatments:

11-12         0204    Distemper
11-12         0205    Parvo
11-12         0206    Rabies
11-12         0207    Lepto
11-12         0208    Bordatella
11-12         0416    Stool Check
11-12         0422    Heartworm Test

I was astounded. The only answer I could come up with and answered with was 'are you kidding me?' 

What is going on? Girl is almost 15 years old and doing great. The last time she went to this particular vet was for blood work. According to the vet, Girl was dying and could not be helped. 'Get ready to say goodbye,' was his advice.

Please don't vaccinate me!
Well, she certainly isn't going to be helped with all those vaccinations which have been proved to cause cancer and all kinds of other diseases. Girl was treated for her infection by her homeopathic physician and she is thriving and living large...emphasis on living.

What kind of 'doctor' would over-vaccinate a senior dog, one he had written off as dying a few months ago?

Fortunately some states have lightened up on the vaccine laws and allow titers and deferments for senior and ailing animals.

Will Texas ever get there? Hopefully, but when and if these dumb laws are changed, what is this vet going to do? Start to actually learn to heal animals? What a notion.

Until then, Girl and none of the other animals here will be returning to this vet. They would rather live than die an terribly early death caused from too many shots from this doctor.


  1. I agree with you that it is not in the best interest of your aged dog to be vaccinated unnecessarily.

    In all fairness, most vets have computer generated reminders and they are sent out by a receptionist and I would believe this is what has happened here. I could be wrong though.

    In any case I am one veterinarian that is on your side. I wouldn't be vaccinating your dog - a titer test at the most :-)

  2. Just read this, Dr. Dan....I sure wish you were in Austin! Reunion Rescue is looking for a sage doc!!! Thank you.