Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spuds eyes and Texas transport

Reunion Rescue is asking for help to bring Spuds to Texas. Spuds was adopted out at Marin Humane Society and wound up back there as a stray and blind! Marin Humane was going to euthanize him, so Reunion Rescue pulled him and placed Spuds in boarding.

 Spuds has been in boarding well over a year. He has developed some tendon/joint issues on top of the blindness, so we have decided to try and bring him here to Texas at the Reunion Rescue No-Kill Refuge where he can be treated holistically, get well and find a wonderful forever familly to love him.

We need help to move Spuds to Texas as transport and care are expensive. A chip in has been created to try and underwrite the costs to get Spuds to his destination.

Our homeopathic vet can address Spuds' joint problems and has also been known to reverse blindness.

Chip in for Spuds Transport and Care:

Please help by considering a small donation to help us help Spuds.

Please share Spuds story and visit Spuds and all the other wonderful Reunion adoptables on Reunion Rescue's website.

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