Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oh, Lord...stuck in Lodi again...

Hey, ya' we are...all trained, happy, joyful, raw-fed, homeopathically treated and did we mention WONDERFUL????

We need homes! Can ya'll please let people know where they can find a new companion animal who's already ready to go? We are very nice pit bulls....really!

All of us were pulled from high kill shelters. If you or a friend considers fostering to adopt one of us, guess what? Another pit bull can be saved..that's how it works.

Take a, a better look than that...come on...look good and hard. We need homes and we need you to get the word out so we can find our foster to adopt home and get started living the good life we keep hearing about.

ALSO...we need donations to help feed us and pay for boarding..if you can spare a buck or two, please donate!

You can go to the Reunion Rescue website and donate via the paypal button. We are kinda broke, 'cause all the donations go to the dogs..not to salaries or calendars.


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