Monday, April 18, 2011

Peaches, Tiger and the Hayden Law

I have been so busy, I haven't even had a chance to blog haha. It's important, though, to note what is going on in the rescue community.

I am trying to write the Examiner articles every day. I believe that it's important to get the word out there. There are pit bulls and other animals dying daily in our shelters. I think it's important to convince others to write about this situation. The more people who write, the more the message will spread.

Today, I wrote about the Hayden Law and another article about Peaches and Tiger, two pit bulls who are at the Lancaster shelter. A family cannot get their dogs back, because the impound fees total over $500. This is a direct case of too much government control and not enough support.

These dogs probably had a decent home and were doing just fine, but now are languishing in a high kill facility, the clock ticking.

Luckily, Sheilah at Mutt Match is heading up the movement to get them some donations and hopefully interest an accredited rescue group to take them.

The other article I wrote was about the Hayden Law. It seems some of these shelters are taking the law into their own hands...literally.

A year ago, Lt. Orman at the Antioch shelter killed two pet dogs. Why, because he could. The man, like the owners of Tiger and Peaches, begged the shelter to return his dogs. Turned out, he was a neighbor to the animal control supervisor at Antioch and she did not want the dogs returned. A 501(c)(3) stepped forward to take the dogs and was turned down, the dogs killed. This is in direct violation of the Hayden Act.

We are in deep trouble when an appointed official can disregard the law. Period.

We are in deep trouble anyway.

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