Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Short on water, but full of love

Today just plain sucked. Our pipes froze due to the winter storm and it was hard to keep my spirits up. I'll admit, I've been pretty down the past few days since losing Paris. I'm just sad. I feel like I let Paris down.

I would love to write about Benny. He is keeping me going right now. He's really 'learning' me how to live life. It's not an accident Benny came into my life.

I got an incredible letter from Patti tonight. She's trying to make her way back to Mendocino through the ice and snow, but still uploading Benny's photos and updating his blog.

There is so much sadness right now. So many animals are being abandoned and it's hard to keep plugging away. Benny has a special message for all of us. I just don't feel like it's mine to tell right now. I've put in a request to Patti about sharing it. Hopefully, tomorrow she'll say it's ok. Just not one of those things you broadcast on your own. It's like finding the Dead Sea Scrolls down by Lake Austin and not knowing what to do with them. One thing I do know for sure, Benny will let us all know how to carry his message.

For now, there are others who need help. There is a girl in LA who's stealing my heart. Her name is Spots and she's out of time. She is beautiful inside and out like a bluenose German Shorthair Pointer. She is as sweet as candy. You can feel her soul right through the computer screen. I have a nice family whom I've written about her. I just have a special feeling.

Chika loving life
Davika is now Chika and her tumors are giving her a problem again. She is the beautiful girl who was on death row at Martinez in the medical ward where they were literally counting the minutes till they could kill her. I saw her face and knew this was a girl who wanted to live. I could feel that all the way from the east bay to Apache Shores!

Chika had a horrible past where she'd been beated with a lead pipe, teeth broken and an infected ingrown foxtail in her jaw. She has a grade five heart murmur which makes for touchy going in regards to surgery. We gave her a very controversial nosode for her tumors, but they still had to be surgically removed. She had a major dental with several extractions and removal of the nasty foxtail.

Rudy adopted her and they go on lovely weekend hikes with her adopted brother, Boom Boom. Rudy is very frightened as her poor mouth has flared up again and she is in need of further surgery.

I know she will pull through. She is a phenomenal dog and a star.

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