Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rebel tonight

All day long, been doing bookkeeping and my whole world falling apart. In between trying to get the books caught up, feeding the animals, chasing last minute dogs across my computer and wishing I was chasing them out in an open field. So many animals sitting there in shelters knowing they're about to die.

All I can do is try to write a little article about one or two a day and hope for the best. Well, today, two happy things happened. Little Tita was adopted! I'm not saying it was due to me or my article, but maybe a bit of good wishes out there land in the right place.

A picture of fear
Also, my friend, Kimberly and her colleague, Maria, are pulling Rocky, a little 8 month lab mis-categorized as a pit bull at the Garland Animal Control. The difference in his photos of a scared 'I'm going to die in here' dog the other day and today's photo speak volumes. He knows he's saved. They can tell! This is the Animal Alliance at work. It's quiet strength is changing us and helping us change the world. We had better listen.

Little Rebel, my Dallas boy, who came from the east side just came up to me and touched his cold wet nose to my face. He is my love. He has rescued me more than once since that day 16 years ago when he wandered up to Scott that morning. It was the morning after I'd lost Fu Manchu, our other chow, after he'd been killed at Lover's Lane Animal Hospital on Lover's Lane in Dallas.

A picture of hope
So many dogs in Dallas and everywhere else right now. Well, one thing's for certain, I won't be getting anyone's teeth cleaned ever again and I won't be taking any animals to Lover's Lane Animal Hospital. In fact, you would have to drag me kicking and screaming and my dog, too, inside most vet hospitals.

When you feed organic raw meat and pure water, treat your dog or cat homeopathically, ain't much can happen to them. There just aren't that many diseases you can't cure yourself. Right, Rebel? When Rebel had a high liver count a few years ago, first thing they said was Cushing's or Addison's. I've since come to learn that when some of these vets don't know what's wrong and the liver count's high, it's either Cushing's or Addison's and they need a lot of tests with the meds being more suspect than the disease.

Me and Rebel just took our chances and some Healthy Liver Tonic. That was over 7 years ago. He might very well have had Cushing's or Addison's, but you'll have to catch him first to tell him.

I hope lil' Tita is in her happy home tonight. I hope Rocky who's name is getting changed first thing keeps that hopeful look on his little face. He knows now that there are some nice humans and he knows two of them.

And thank you, Benny, for having a wonderful life and letting us all be a part of your life.

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