Friday, February 26, 2016

Lil' Petey, Arky and Sadie

Little Petey
I have been really sick. I never get sick, but when you help people instead of animals, it's easier to pick up an ailment. Next time, I'm sticking to animals.

Talking about sickness, there is little Petey on his way to Marin right this minute. He is a little three month blue nose from Kern County. He is not doing very well right now. They say he has an upper respiratory infection, but I'm thinking he's been in the shelter so long and just began to debilitate. I know once we get him to Bibi's, he'll begin to perk up. She is on her way to the store right now to get Rescue Remedy, chicken broth and rice which is all he can eat. He ordered this as well as let us know his name.

Sadie and puppies
He got sick last night in Sheila's car traveling to For the Birds boarding from KCAC. I was a little nervous, but was assured by Sheila it was only carsickness. With these little ones and the big shelters who are so overwhelmed, you must be very careful. I'm always for the good diet and holistic measures as opposed to nasty toxic antibiotics.

Sadie is the momma dog who got out of KCAC Thursday with nine puppies. She is safe and in a nice foster home dash office. Shane, who is an incredible person, offered to foster this mom along with the puppies until they're ready to be adopted. They already had two baths to try and get the stinky off. She had a spa treatment. O boy!

Arky is on my mind today. He has very watery urates and is feeling puny. He's acting just like Paris Hilton did, which is why I'm so concerned. Paris Hilton died. I've given Arky some echinacea, colloidal silver, super aloe vera detox and milk thistle. He's still on the bottom of the cage which is a worry with any bird. I am not taking him to the avian vet though. I will not lose another bird by stressing him out. No, I won't.

I'm also having a problem with Darla. She is a German Shepherd, but not my dog. I get all these dogs over my computer every single day. Had a lady who wanted a GSD, so sent her to Martinez to visit Darla. She adopted and then took Darla to Peninsula Humane Society where she's been for a month being evaluated. Very crazy. I even have an adopter for Darla, but he can't even go visit.

The group which first alerted me to Darla has completely washed their hands of the matter. I realize people deal with stress and sadness in different ways, but if you're going to last in rescue work, you have to not give up on the dog. I finally had to tell them to take me off this list. I have a feeling I'll be seeing more of Darla and hopefully, less of them.

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