Sunday, February 20, 2011

Full day Sunday

Cindy's vegan chicken frieds
Last night, I made vegan chicken fried steaks!! Yum. The gravy came out so good. The hardest thing about not eating meat and being from Texas is giving up chicken frieds. Well, those days are over since I've figured out how to fulfill my craving.

This morning, I still had a hankering for that good gravy, so I made some gluten free biscuits and veggie sausage. Umm that's a good old country breakfast which will keep a gal rescuing pit bulls all day and night. Yessirree.

All kidding aside, I needed my biscuits and gravy today. Even with the holiday, there are so many dogs who need help. Your head starts to swim. There are just so many families and too many dogs. So many people are dumping at the shelters. It's insane.

Cindy's biscuits
There is a momma dog and puppies at Bakersfield, more dogs at Devore, North Central LA, Stockton, Martinez and on and on and on. How do you pick the ones you can save? I try to tell people how to do it. To collect a chip in and get enough to board for a month. I can help by posting on my sites which get some decent traffic, but I can't pull every dog. There are just too many.

I wish I had some more biscuits.

Patti's snowstorm is over and she is able to write Benny's blog again. I sent my re-worked article in for consideration. Hope it's acceptable this time.

Also, that old group which was going to make my landing page and help Reunion did a disappearing act. My head's beginning to spin. I am going to bed.

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  1. In a culture where children and animals are seen so often as objects, less than and disposable, where do we start? I think it starts within our culture....changing the 'rules'that we are REALLY operating by...much like the protesters in Egypt did. And Cindy, it is people like you and all of the people who step forward to help those who are without a powerful voice in our society, who make this change.
    I need your gravey recipe!