Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sick of BSL and the Ignorance Behind it!

I am from east Texas and I'm used to narrow mindedness, even though east Texas doesn't have the market cornered on bullheaded thinking. When I saw the Tyler, Texas article trying to whip up a hate session against pit bulls, I just plain had enough.

The article is written in a slanted style. This sort of writing is fine in a blog, but falls flat and leaves a sour taste when masquerading as journalism. As somebody who has been rescuing pit bulls 24/7 for the past 12 plus years, I have had a snoot full of these opinions disguised as news stories.

This piece revolves around an out of work judge trying to jumpstart her career by using a pit bull related incident and a known pit bull hater clothed as an animal rights person.

I'll let you judge for yourself. Here is the article:

and my response:

I am the director of Reunion Rescue...a successful internationally respected pit bull rescue and the author of Pit Bull Nation.

Pit Bull bans do not work. Here is a site with great information for the misinformed, namely Kenneth Dean, the author of this slanted piece.

Dean quotes known pit bull hater Merritt Clifton whom I have had personal dealings with. Years ago, the San Francisco Animal Care and Control opened up a fire hose on a pittie who'd just been spayed. She had to have five feet of intestine removed. Clifton's group was contacted for help. Animal People refused to help this dog, claiming they liked the SFACC shelter director and would do nothing to help this abused dog who nearly died. This group hates pit bulls. Why he quote a pit bull hating Nazi in his piece?

The former judge asking for this preposterous measure is like most of these out of work politicians looking for a career boost. If ex-judge Kent really wants to help her community, why not work for legislation to educate about spay/neuter and training.

Why is not one pit bull expert quoted in this poorly executed rant? Because these people do not want an answer.

I am going to clue them in really quick. Here is how you transition any dog into the home as I've been doing for over 12 years. We have placed hundreds and hundreds of dogs into happy homes. Many of these dogs had horrible beginnings. Every one is tracked and a member of our Reunion Rescue playgroup. Many have gone on to become certified AKC canine good citizens and wear their medallions proudly.

Visit our site and read our Nutrition Page and Junior's Page. These few suggestions and guidelines are the reason Reunion Rescue can claims to have the friendliest pit bulls in the world. Crated dogs knawing on their organic bone or Kong toy are not the dogs you read about in your newspaper. That doesn't sell copy.

The next time you write an article on pit bulls, sir, try interviewing the pundits and experts at or glance at this study which proves bans don't stop bites and attacks:

I live in a state where idiot measures like pit bull bans are scoffed at and known to be ineffective. I have authored a book, Pit Bull Nation, about the breed, about my rescue work. In Pit Bull Nation, I champion my state, the state of Texas where no one can tell me what kind of dog to share my home with. 

If Mr. Dean, Ms. Kent and even sourpuss pit bull hater, Merritt Clifton want to pay a visit to my house and tell me to kill my senior and beloved pit bulls rescued from death row kill shelters, bring it! Bring it on!

Stop this incredible ignorant insanity. Stop Justin's Law and stop the hate. It has never worked and never will.

Cindy Marabito
Reunion Rescue
Animals First Rescue
No Kill Cali
Pit Bull Nation

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