Thursday, December 10, 2009

December 10, 2009

I walked Raspberry at the mall today. There are very few places to walk a dog who has reaction issues. Most people don't acknowledge the leash law, which makes it difficult for a dog like Raspberry to re-enter society. Raspberry is a great dog, was a perfect girl until she was spayed and given a rabies shot last summer. She came back from the hospital a completely different dog.

She was horribly traumatized and I began to research what is known as rabies vaccinosis. Raspberry is a classic case of rabies vaccinosis. She sees imaginary objects in the distance and was super reactive to people and other dogs. With lots of treatment from a classical homeopathic practitioner and a great raw diet, lots of fresh air and exercise, Raspberry is on the road to recovery. Each day, she is getting better and better.

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