Friday, April 11, 2014

Let's pull Cracker Jack from Fort Worth!

This is little Cracker Jack and he's plumb scared to death! He was supposed to be euthanized yesterday, but by a pure fluke, he's managed to stay alive another day.

What do you get when you mix a cattle dog with a pit bull? A whole lotta love and working together to rescue lives!

Texas Cattle Dog Rescue and Reunion Rescue are teaming up together to try and save Cracker Jack, but we only have until 6 p.m. tonight to organize details and raise the money for his vetting and boarding until he can find that forever happy home...we know it's out there!!!

Help us get Cracker Jack out of the stockyards of Fort Worth and over to Music City in Austin, Texas U.S.A.!!!

Until then, please consider sharing Cracker Jack's story and photo and donate anything you can to: on the Donate button.

Reunion is full of pit bulls and TCD is full of purebred cattle dogs, but we couldn't turn away from those little sad eyes...who could?

Thank you for caring and and thank you for sharing!

Contact if you can help with transport or want to donate a chew toy or a bed for Cracker Jack!

The plan is to raise funds to care for Cracker Jack, try and get him picked up by 6 p.m. tonight in Fort Worth and transported to Austin, Texas where he can begin his new life! Please help us save Cracker Jack and then, the rest of the world!

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