Saturday, September 21, 2013

To a wonderful Strut Your Mutt in the San Francisco bay

Adena, Reed and Russell
Today was one of those magical days I'll remember for the rest of my life as one of the best days ever in Reunion Rescue's history. Here is the beginning of a work in progress...keep in mind this is only part one of the day...I'll be uploading more photos shortly ... so keep tuned in!!!

From cloudy to sunny to pouring rain, the Reunion Rescue crowd turned out at Best Friends' first ever San Francisco Strut Your Mutt. Reunion Rescue adopters and supporters began to turn out and didn't let a few showers crowd the fun for these wonderful pit bull lovers.

Captain Adena Blount and her son Reed showed up to kick off the show....

Jerzy, Hank, Duane, Lenny, Lily and Norm
Jerzy and Norm showed up with Hank and Lily. They have certainly proved the shelter wrong who said they couldn't handle celebrates 13 years of their adopting Hank and they brought neighbor Lily, Hank's purty girlfriend.

Duane and Lenny hopped into the mix for a photo op. Duane adopted Sam (Carl) years ago when he was going to be put down for having a terribly fractured leg.

Thanks to Duane, Carl was saved and we raised the money for his surgery. Duane adopted Lenny a few years later and life was great. Duane recently lost Carl to terminal illness.

Hazel from Baldwin Park showed up with her mom Joan and Joan's daughter, Cindy...gotta love that name!

They brought along new foster dog German Shepherd Hilda.
Hazel, Joan, Hilda and Cindy

Hazel and Joan

Steaven, Buster and Ken
Many long years ago, Steaven and Ken walked their puppy Benny with Reunion in the Pride Parade....Benny was one of the first Reunion Rescue adoptions and lived a long and very happy life. When Steaven and Ken were ready to adopt another dog, they called and we delivered...

Buster came from the Bakersfield nine we pulled from KCAC....he was the last one unadopted because he was too 'shy'...well he's turned that shy act in for a smile and here's hoping he's gonna share that smile on many more future struts.

Gene, Heather and Delta's forever family!!!
When Delta was Pearlie Girl, she'd been pulled by another rescue from Martinez Shelter. She wound up on Craigslist and when the other rescue didn't respond, we negotiated and got her into boarding. Little did we know it would take almost two years, but Delta found her real forever home with Heather and Gene and their precious girls. It was worth the wait. If only there were a million more perfect homes like this one and all the homeless dogs could be happy ever after like Delta.
Darren, Todd, Wylie, Henry, Grace and Betsy
There are no words....but we miss Maddie. Todd and Darren adopted Madeline a long time ago and we all walked in Pride Parade. Maddie passed away last year and broke her daddy's heart. We remembered Maddie and the other ones we have loved and lost in our Hope's Memorial Walk this year.
David and Chino

Chino had to be darted when I saw him running down Dolores. The minute his stray period was over he was scheduled to be put to sleep. He had to wear a harness in doggy daycare and foster because he kept trying to take off again...but the minute he met David, it was a match made in heaven. That was many years ago and Chino has never left David's side. If only we could find a David for every shelter dog like Chino....

Team Brent and Kimberley with baby Bella Boo

Brent and Kimberley (a.k.a. softy cakes) are two of the most hardcore animal advocates we've run across in all our rescue years. Kimberley reached out when she came across Baxter who was abandoned at the Colma Banfield vet. He was very sick but Kimberley and Brent went to work raising the funds to try and help save him. Tragically, Baxter didn't have the strength to survive his compromised liver condition and he died peacefully in the arms of a very trusted Reunion allumni. We remembered Baxter today on Hope's Memorial Walk.
Dear Rudy with Debbie Harry and Boom Boom

Davika was a little rat terrier who'd been horribly abused her entire life and was waiting to die at Martinez Shelter. Reunion saved her and she had to have surgery for tumors and dental. She was an older girl, but Rudy adopted her and gave her the loving life she never knew in the years before we found her. She passed away in Rudy's arms after enjoying an extraordinary home with Rudy and Boom Boom. She cut a swath on their many hikes and travels and had her own blog.

Rudy recently saved little Debbie Harry and Davika was remembered today in our Hope's Memorial Walk.
Nicole, John with Jesse and family

Good friend and longtime Reunion foster Anne with her babies

Jan and Buster Posey

Heather (Pearlie Girl now Delta's mom) Catarina and Scott with Delta's daddy Gene

Me squeezing the dickens out of Delta!

Delta with her sweet dad, Gene

Delta with her proud and loving parents

Darren, Scott, Catarina, me, Todd and the 'pack'

Sweet Delta's familty with Catarina and Scott

Joan, Todd and Scott

Steaven, Ken and Buster

Jerzy and his Hank trying to keep dry

Daddy's boy

Lily is pretty in pink

Lily girl

Lenny knows how to stay warm and dry

Hazel is an original 'kissabull' staying warm and dry

Team Anne...with her own babies

Anne's the reason more than a few Reunion dogs are in their happy homes today

Russell says I'd rather chuck-it than strut 

Russell all swaddled up


  1. love all the stories, the dogs, and the people behind all the dogs, thank you cindy and all made my day!!!! candace

    1. What a fantastic day, rain and all. First timers to a reunion~~Joan (me), my lovely daughter Cindy, Hazel and Heidi. So wonderful to see all the attendees show their variety of "furry family members". The love that was shown to their "four-legged soul mates" was so soothing to the psych. First face-to-face meet with Cindy (she is Cindy #1, she helped me to get Hazel) and she is a fire cracker~~so filled with enthusiasm and good thoughts. We are looking forward to the next reunion. Thank you again to all~~a very memorable day. joan

  2. So many beautiful and happy mutts. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Thanks for documenting the day, Cindy... as I've told you many times, I owe you so much for rescuing Chino from certain death and taking care of him until I came along. We truly were meant to be together, and he is the best dog in the universe. I hope he's still got a few years left in him, because I don't even want to think about the alternative. Keep on doing what you are doing, you make a difference in the world. -David