Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Obamas buy another dog

The new white house dog stories are tight lipped about where Bo came from. The only solid piece of information is Sunny came from Michigan and the Obamas made a donation to Washington Humane Society in her honor.

Still smarting from my vote for a man who promised to adopt in 2008 when Obama wasted the time and efforts of thousands of rescues. Groups so thrilled Obama was going to adopt a shelter pet for the white house spent over a year sending suggestions and networking to save a life that was never saved.


Instead, once moved into the white house and the votes counted, the Obamas accepted a 'gift' of Bo the dog purchased by Ted Kennedy from a breeder.

Many politicians turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to the millions of companion pets being slaughtered in the country's shelters. There are so many cats, kittens, dogs and puppies dying, even the Humane Society can't make an accurate guess estimating something like 2.7 million are dying.

Maybe adopting two dogs woudn't have put much of a dent in those terrible numbers, but had our
president kept his word to adopt a shelter pet, some of the millions which have died during his term (multiply 2.7 by 6 years) might not have suffered. Maybe some of those dogs and cats would have been rescued by citizens following our president's example.

Maybe is a big word. Maybe next term, a president will care about the animals dying in the shelters by the millions.

Today, the first family will enjoy romping in the glorious sunshine of the first lawn with their two bred pets, Bo and Sunny. Millions of others will die and breeders will continue to produce more generations of their product so long as its in demand. Portuguese Water dogs seem to be trending this year.

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