Tuesday, April 9, 2013

LuLu and Nolan...a GREAT love story....

Nolan looking for love....
Nolan came to Reunion Rescue just barely missing having become yet another Spindletop victim. When we got Nolan, he weighed less than 70 pounds and was very sick. High heartworm positive among other maladies, Nolan has made a miraculous recovery.

Once he put some meat back on his bones, Nolan went to Doug's for lots of fresh air and exercise with the other dogs at the daycare. LuLu was abandoned at Doug's, but she was not sad for too long.

LuLu is a gorgeous GREAT Pyrenees and Nolan is a GREAT Dane/American Bulldog mix. These two have become best friends forever. The other day, LuLu had a much needed grooming appointment. Nolan spent the entire day looking for her.

What we've seen between LuLu and Nolan has prompted Reunion Rescue to only consider adopting Nolan and LuLu
LuLu and her Nolan...
together. They are large breed dogs, both with GREAT in their names. That's appropriate, because they are GREAT dogs.

Both dogs are raw fed, crate trained, mellow, super dog and people friendly and full, full, full of love.

LuLu and Nolan have a Facebook page:


If you want to learn more about our incredible program, check out www.reunionrescue.com namely the Health Page.

Nolan and LuLu are available for adoption...together! Both are linked to our website.

Imagine sharing your world with these two lovebugs where every minute of every day is a joyful one.

Always happy...


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    1. Thank you!!! Looking for your name so we can be bff's! I'm writing up my blog now with the links. Again, thank you! We never win anything but extra pit bulls hahahaha!