Monday, October 29, 2012

All about the love...Texas Sized Pittie Pride 2012 is a blast for all!

Yesterday was a fun filled day for beloved pit bulls and their people in and around Austin, Texas.

Don't Bully Me, Reunion Rescue, Mariah's Promise, Guardian Pit Bull, Grateful Pets Rescue, Lucky Mutts, Villalobos Rescue Center, Bullyvard Rescue, Treat 'Em Right Rescue represented groups who help pitties along with Austin Animal Center, Urgent Bastrop, Williamson County and Austin Humane.



Land shark!

The cowardly lion

Pepper and Zombie

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  1. Sweets looks like my dog Bo! and that is how I spell it; not BO. I'll post a blog for you. You will love it. I am a dog lover. I have 5 Staffordshire's. One is a Dalmatian looking dog, so I will actually call her that, or half pit/stafforshire, and the other half was a (believe it or not) a fox terrier! I would blog about Sampson:( Sad story, great dog. Give me a few to write about him. You guys will love him and his story, I really believe. I am a sports/NFL blogger already, is what I do. But anyhow, I would love to blog that about Sampson for you guys, for the heck of it. I do all my writing, every single bit of it, as it comes to me. I have to wait for it to come to me, so I can honor him the best.