Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Angel is here at last!

Zach former Spindletop employee who id'd Angel for us!
After much hoopla and jumping through hoops, I made it back to Austin with Angel yesterday. Stacey
at Animal Farm Foundation, Chris, Chris and Michele from HSUS and all the hardworking others involved are deeply appreciated by Reunion Rescue and the dogs they've worked to help find their legal owners.

We drove back and forth from Austin to Conroe four times to get three of our four dogs back who'd been boarded at Spindletop. We got Batgirl last week, Amber, then yesterday Angel! 

I'm deeply saddened about Stella and her terrible death with the other 37 from the Morgan Building. I don't know if I'll ever forgive myself for putting her there and for recommending this place to to others. What I can do is continue to work hard in the fight to make sure Leah Purcell and everyone who had a hand in her operation goes down and goes down hard.

Reunion Rescue 2012 Which Wich tour..the go to place for Spindletop raid recovery dogs

Animal Farm working hard to help reunite our dogs!

Angel...just glad to be alive

Here is a little video of me and Angel with one of my favorite Lucinda Williams songs playing in the

Albert Schweitzer said all man's ills can be cured with music and cats. Cindy Marabito would like to add pit bulls to that equation.
Checking out his neighbors .. the cats ...

Angel after a shower
The cat enclosure
Mr. Angel is decompressing and on his herbal worm treatment as are Batgirl and Amber. They all three are dosed throughout the day with Bach flower remedies as well as Australian Bush Flower Essences.

Both Angel and Amber need to be altered, but we'll wait a couple of days to allow them to relax and sniff and get back to the business of being dogs.

On that note, Leah Purcell on top of all her other foul ups continued to kill all potential adoptions I'd lined up for Angel. She did not want to adopt dogs. I placed one of my boarded dogs along with three Spindletop dogs in the year and three months I've been boarding dogs at Spindletop.

When I finally insisted on started preparation for Angel's transport to his new home, Purcell continued to put up road blocks, saying, 'she knows he's a pit bull, right?' She spit it out as if pit bulls shouldn't be adopted.

Well, among other things, Leah, you need to go back to pit bull school. Angel is a Ridgeback/Shepherd mix. He's got the telltale black Ridgie toenails I've been looking at for years along with the Shepherd shedding. Maybe she can take a correspondence course from  Gainesville State Women's Penitentary while she waits for a spot to free up in hell.
Mid section..future home to our no kill kennels

Batgirl doin' what she do...
                                                                  Batgirl trying to chill                                                                      
Rowdy Cowgirl 14 years young
Gringo Tex our 8 year old deaf boy
Rowdy Cowgirl surveying the perimeter


  1. Cindy, thank you so much for everything you've done for these babies. I was devastated when I found out about the raid and that Angel was one of those dogs. I felt my heart come out of my chest, please give him kisses from me. Thank you for saving them all again, we were all fooled by this place. I trusted them b/c I trusted you, but I know noone had any idea what was going on in there. I do hope Leah & her accomplices pay for this. Wish you the best with building the kennels.

  2. LOVE THE VIDEO! Angel is so handsome & very patriotic. :)

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVaPwdgezWI

    For Angel, now Johnny Angel: ...with a chest full of medals and a G.I. loan....

    I'm an American, boys. I've come a long way
    I was born and bred in the USA
    So listen up close, I've get something to say
    Boys, I'm buying this round
    Well it took a Little while but we're in this fight
    And we ain't going home 'til we've done what's right
    We're gonna drink Camden Town dry tonight
    If I have to spend my last pound
    When I first got to London it was pourin' down rain
    Met a Iittle girl in the field canteen
    Painted her name on the nose of my plane
    Six more missions I'm gone
    Well I asked if I could stay and she said that I might
    Then the warden came around yelling "shut out the lights"
    Death rainin' out of the London night
    We made love 'til dawn

    When Johnny Come Lately comes marching home
    With a chest full of medals and a G.l. loan
    They'll be waitin' at the station down in San Antone
    When Johnny comes marching home

    MY P-47 is a pretty good ship
    She took a round coming cross the Channel last trip
    I was thinking 'bout my baby and letting her rip
    Always got me through so far

    Well they can ship me all over this great big world
    But I'll never find nothing like my North End girl
    I'm taking her home with me one day, sir
    Soon as we win this war

    When Johnny Come Lately comes marching home
    With a chest full of medals and a G.l. loan
    They'll be waitin' at the station down in San Antone
    When Johnny comes marching home

    Now my granddaddy sang me this song
    Told me about London when the Blitz was on
    How he married Grandma and brought her back home
    A hero throughout this land
    Now I'm standing on a runway in San Diego
    A couple o' Purple Hearts so I move a little slow
    ain't nobody here, maybe nobody knows
    About a place called Vietnam

  4. Cindy you are one nut case. You expect people to believe that 90 pound Leah could hold a pit bull down and pour water down it's nose. Oh I guess the "worker" who you quote must have help, right? I guess since he watched or must have helped he will be brought up on animal cruelty charges too. I sure hope he plans to testify to that in court.

    You will stop at nothing will you? I cannot wait to you your sorry self get what you have coming!! You are a low life lying %^&$%.