Monday, March 21, 2011

Nuggets of peace

Something like 400 plus emails to greet me this morning with many only moments left to live. I can only help so many and this becomes discouraging and sad. I have to hope for little nuggets of peace to get myself through the day.

I fed my they get a quality homemade mash of fresh chopped greens, carrots, yams, broccoli and all kinds of home grown sprouts. I grind up nuts and seeds, fresh fruit and herbs for birds..the same kind of plants they'd hopefully be eating in the wild. Wild parakeets, what a novel thought. I'd love to be in that place. We are so accustomed to overbred parakeets as caged birds that the mere thought of wild flocks of parakeets is such a lush and awesome thought...another little nugget of peace.

I fed the cats. They eat ground emu (free range and organic) along with chopped organic free range chicken necks. Sometimes I throw in some grass fed tripe and other chicken innards I get from a local free range farm. The guy says, 'a wonderful life with one bad day.' I hate to feed and will not feed kibble or processed food. No pet food company can guarantee the sources to be as humanely treated as the meat in which I feed my cats and dogs.

The kitties are total nuggets. As I watch them eat, I'm thinking, here is a litter that no one can harm. They have never known a bad day. I can't save all the animals, but I can insure that these precious cats, almost one year old, will have a beautiful life and enjoy all their days with their siblings.

It's amazing to me how they integrated with Martha, Buddy, Germ, Fernando and Candy. In fact, the elder statesmen get along better than before the kittens came. Buddy is now gone, but I think he's watching us from above.

More to come....

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