Friday, January 7, 2011

Benny, the Turlock Mange Doggy is Safe...UPDATE and STORY....

 Benny waiting to die 1/4/11
Benny was pulled by Reunion Rescue from Turlock Animal Control Tuesday 1/4/11. Benny had given up on life and was waiting to die. The shelter was going to put him down the next morning if he was not pulled that night.

Sam, five months pregnant, got dressed and drove to Turlock to save this boy. She transported him to the Bradshaw Vet Hospital in Sacramento. He will go home with Patti and Raven Friday 1/7/11 to begin healing. Benny will be treated homeopathically and through supplements and raw organic diet program which is posted on our website:
Benny on the road 1/4/11

Benny is thought to be between the ages of three and four. He is thought to be a Shar Pei/Pittie mix. He has never known one day of kindness until he arrived at Turlock. This shelter, as so many of them, do not know how to handle these cases. The dogs cannot respond to antibiotics and most shelters only have an antibiotic protocol to follow.
Benny arrives at the hospital
Benny has broken teeth, was starved, beaten and had cigarettes put out on his ravaged body. He was eating his own feces. It hurts Benny to urinate. When he gets better, he will need dental surgery. For now, we just need Benny to eat and feel loved.

We spoke with a very nice man at the vet today. The first night, he was pretty bad off, but given fluids. By yesterday, Benny was actually hungry and ate on his own. The young man told me Benny was good and hungry today. He said Benny was adorable and also told me Benny had a good poopy. Good poop is good news when dealing with a dog in Benny's condition.

Benny last night at the vet 1/6/11 
We will be updating Benny's progress with pictures and news about his treatment and response on a daily basis.

Thank you everyone who had a hand in saving Benny. He is a precious boy. He is a survivor. He is going to live and thrive and help lots of other dogs learn about healing naturally. Benny and Reunion Rescue are hoping for the day when other animals won't have to hurt ever again.

Donations can be made for Benny's recovery to: via the Paypal button or by snail mail to:

Reunion Rescue
2718 Long Bow Trail
Austin TX 78734

Every single penny goes toward Benny's recovery and tax deductible under Reunion Rescue 501(c)(3).

Please consider joining Reunion Rescue's Facebook Cause to follow Benny's recovery and to help us try to help others.


  1. Benny is home! I picked up Benny from the Vets today where he had touched everyone's heart who saw him. While leaving he wagged his tail at anyone who gave him attention. I gave him some water and some food (Wellness grain free chicken)and off we went for our 2.5 hour drive home (he slept the whole way). As I pulled into the driveway he woke up and waited to get out. I carefully helped him out, he peed and in we went.
    He ate and drank some more and then I gave Benny a tempid bath of filtered water, colloidal silver and a couple of sulphur tablets mixed in.
    He is quietly snoring in his crate next to my chair right now.

  2. Dear Benny,
    You haven't died and gone to heaven. This is life as it was suppose to be. Snoring next to the person who loves you. You had a rough few years, but the best is yet to come. Enjoy.

  3. I have tears streaming down my face as I read this. I had reposted this on FB, asking if one of my Cali followers could help, but believing deep down it was hopeless. I think the moral here is never give up hope. Hold on Benny, there is lots of love for you if you make it. Life is worth it, you will see. :-)

  4. I am so grateful to hear of this news. Thank you PJ for you have saved a life with true meaning. You were Bennys' angel and now Benny has wings to soar. ~hugs~

  5. Good job everyone!

    I am so glad for Benny!

    From Sammy

  6. I just want to give Benny a big hug and kiss and hold him forever! I can't wait for updates and pictures of Benny as he recovers!

    Bless you, Cindy, and THANK YOU!!!

    "It is our gift to see beyond the dirt, terror, sadness, and defeat
    to find the true soul that lies within. We are Rescue."

  7. So glad he is safe now. Poor Benny's eyes were crusted shut when I picked him up...when I wiped them off, he looked at me with such happiness. After we left the shelter, he lay his head next to me and his tail wagged. My mascara ran and my heart skipped a beat. (Wasn't my preggo hormones by the way)! He is truly a special guy and deserves only the best from now on. I am so grateful to have met him <3