Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Animal Alliance: Eyes on the Prize

Yesterday was a test. I finally made a decision to take Paris Hilton to the avian vet. For birds, this is a huge decision. I was not only concerned with allopathic treatment, but taking a sickly parakeet to the hospital is extremely stressful. When a bird is showing signs of weakness and frailty, a simple trip to the vet can do more harm than good.

I decided to take Valentina, Paris's cagemate and best friend. For over a month, Valentina has been feeding and caring for Paris. I initially became concerned when Paris has watery droppings and began fluffing out his feathers. I studied several homeopathy sources and gave Paris veratrum 30c which immediately firmed the droppings. However, he still remained quiet and feathers ruffled. He quit flying and although not completely lethargic, certainly no longer active as he'd previously been.

I made an appointment and took Paris yesterday to the avian vet. He had to stay all day to receive fluids and have x-rays. They allowed Valentina to stay there with him. This was comforting for her and well as for Paris. I got a call to pick them up around 6 p.m. The doctor had found a small spot in the x-ray on Paris's liver. I had suspected liver and not from any great detective work on my own, but I'd asked Paris to let me know what was bothering him. When birds act this disturbed, it's often serious as in the wild, any sign of weakness or illness will signal a predator. I was scared and didn't know what to do.

In my feeble attempts to find out on my own what was going on with Paris, I kept being diverted to liver. When I would look up homeopathic remedies and note his symptoms, liver ailment and disease would keep popping up. I've learned to trust these 'coincidences' over the years. I know it's Paris' way of telling me what is wrong with him. In his way, he must be as careful with me as he is being careful disclosing his ailment to predators. Were his symptoms to be misdiagnosed, his health and wellbeing could be compromised. Caution and intuition is the key.

It also helps to remain calm and remember to let go of all the anger. This is hard when one of our rescue dogs is mistakenly at Oakland Animal Services and we cannot seem to get her out of there. Suzie is suffering from demodex which is complicated and amplified by stress. I can't think of a more stressful place than a dog pound for a dog with all that clanging and banging. After speaking with the counter person today, I'm sure Suzie is debilitating in that environment.

The counter person was rude and passive aggressive on the phone. Certainly, Oakland Animal Services can use the kennel space occupied by our dog for another needy animal. Suzie has a rescue and place to go. This is a huge waste of time and energy...the problem with most shelters we deal with. It seems people like counter person Vera think being difficult and condescending with volunteer rescue organizations is a perk of the job.

Turquoise today...eyes on the prize
Back to trying to breathe and let go of the anger for the sake of the animals. We are trying to arrange a transport for Benny today. He is due to leave Mendocino tomorrow with Patti by car. There is a long shot chance for him to ride along with a person traveling from Tuscon to San Antonio where I'll pick him up and bring him back to Austin. I'll need all my spiritual ducks in a row to help make this happen. I'll need the ducks to help me with Paris and to keep letting all these outside stresses go.

Again, I have to feel sorry for the people who obviously have no regard for animals and their welfare. I am lucky to have the gift of all these animals in my life. They truly are the prize and today, I'll try and keep my eyes on the prize.

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