Monday, December 27, 2010

Working on God's Train and Training the Gar-Girl...

There is hope on the horizon...with young filmmakers like Reed B, pit bulls and us old tired and in the way rescuers can think about retirement someday.

Sasha was pulled from the high kill Martinez shelter last year. Hopes were slim for this girl. There are just so many pit bulls and so few homes. Not only did Sasha hit the jackpot, but I got to hook back up with my P-town homeys. Sasha was adopted by my neighbors down the road. Not only do I get to share in the documented adventures of Sasha and her perfect pit bull advocate family, but now, budding filmmaker and part-time dog trainer, Reed, is sharing Sasha's training curriculum with Reunion Rescue.

So here is Ms. Sasha, a.k.a. the Gar-Girl, Toot Toot and we won't go into all the foster names which were immediately and rightly retired.

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